Bellanina Facials & Bellanina Facelift

What is Bellanina Facelift  Massage?

Bellanina Facelift Massage is considered a holistic treatment for rejuvenation of the facial muscles and skin. This technique focuses on the natural human touch.

Bellanina Facelift Massage starts at the feet, where we use Thai massage techniques to open the energetic flow and help the body to relax. We stretch the arms and shoulders to create a release of tension to to promote relaxation. There is a full minute  massage on your face with  Bellanina Botanical oils and our Signature Honeylift Massage Lotion. Warmed towels are used throughout the treatment to help relax the facial muscles. Many techniques are used: examples Stroming,  whipping, tapotement, manual lymph drainage, effleurage, acupressure and contouring.  This is to restore the blood and oxygen to help rejuvenate and tone the muscles and the skin. The face will be moisturized and eye cremes will be applied, During this treatment, the hands and feet are compressed with Hot Towels and massaged while you relax during the tie-up process. At the end; a nice scalp massage is given to finish the treatment.  

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Pricing: $80 for 60 mins or $110 for 80 mins 

Schedule with Alana : call or text 302-391-4692